Custom Yo-Yos the way YOU want them

What is the difference between types of Yo-Yos?
  • 3D Printed Parts are made with ABS plastic using the latest 3D Printing Technology. They are then equipped with Stainless Steel Hubs and Brass Weight Rings.
  • Precision Machined Yo-Yos are made with Delrin plastic that is machined on a lathe, similar to how a traditional high-end yo-yo would be produced, but made just for you. They are equipped with Stainless Steel Hubs and Aluminum Weight Rings.
  • Premium Prints are made with ABS plastic using the latest 3D Printing Technology. They are then equipped with Stainless Steel Hubs and Brass Weight Rings. These parts push the limits of what is possible, and receive additional hand finishing work in order to provide such unique and beautiful designs.
  • Design It Yourself Yo-Yos can either be 3D Printed or Precision Machined, depending on your preference.
Are they durable?

Yes. (that is not a challenge, do not intentionally try to destroy your yo-yo...)

Why isn’t the finish flawless on my 3D Printed Yo-Yo?

Due to the nature of the 3D Printing process, this is unfortunately unavoidable. Every step is taken to ensure the best possible finish, but flaws will sometimes occur beyond our control. These are –purely- cosmetic in nature and have –no- impact on the performance of the yo-yo. In order to keep costs down for Printed parts, only minimal finishing is done to non-critical surfaces. If you desire a more pristine look, please check out our Precision Machined Yo-Yos.

When will I receive my custom yo-yo?

Delivery is generally within 2 weeks from the time you place the order, but often within a week. Fully Custom and Premium Print designs may have a slightly longer lead-time in some cases due to the additional work required and you will be notified via email of an approximate delivery schedule.

Can I send you a design I created?

Absolutely! Please check out our Design Your Own section for more information. There is no minimum order. Please keep in mind that unless you will be providing your own hardware (and the proper dimensions for it), all designs are required to fit our hubs and, if required, our weight rings.

Why do the Precision Machined Yo-Yos use Aluminum weight rings instead of Brass?

Delrin is a heavier material than the ABS plastic used in our 3D Printed Yo-Yos, so to adjust for the difference we use the lighter Aluminum rings. The end result is the same and the weight distribution is almost identical.

If I have a problem, who do I contact?

Please use our contact form to send us an email with any problems you encounter and we will do our best to assist you.

Do I have to assemble the yo-yo?

No. Every yo-yo will come pre-assembled just like any yo-yo you would normally buy.

Can I change one of your pre-made designs slightly?
  • If you would like to add or subtract up to 1 gram of weight, please select that option at checkout.
  • If you want to do more than that, you will need to use the Build-Your-Own option and let us know what design you want to start with, as well as what changes you would like to make. For very minor changes we may be able to do them at a lower cost than the normal Build-Your-Own rate.
Will these yo-yos do “grind” tricks well?

They are comparable to any plastic yo-yo. You may request a “satin” finish, which will enhance this ability slightly.