Custom Yo-Yos the way YOU want them

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Custom Yo-Yo Design

The ultimate goal of this site is to give you -exactly- what you want. On the off chance that among the thousands of possible combinations of parts on this site, you couldn't find your dream design, here is where we fix that.

Using the templates below you can submit your own yo-yo design that will fit the standard hardware we use. You can finally design whatever it is you've been looking for but could never quite find.

Since there is additional design work that has to be done, there is an additional fee for this service.

How To Use the templates
  1. Download all 3 template files.
  2. After reading the instructions and viewing the example, open the blank template.
  3. If you have a digital design software like photoshop, illustrator, etc. you can draw directly onto the digital image provided. If you do not, you can print the template and draw your design by hand (Please try to be as neat and accurate as possible). You would then need to scan the page so that you can submit a .jpg image (no submissions may be mailed).

Blank Template

To submit your design, please use the contact page. Once I have reviewed your file I may need to suggest minor adjustments. Please use the comments section on the design template to specify what weight range you are aiming for and any overall specs you are seeking. I cannot guarantee exact weights due to the nature of the manufacturing process, but I can generally come within +/- a gram of your goal.